Saturday, 8 December 2012

Am delighted and most happy to announce that the "Glass Slipper" Pincushion now belongs to Pinkerbell ! Would like to thank everyone for taking part in this Charity Auction x So l shall be sending small thank yous to everyone who took time to place a bid xx You are all wonderful xx Love Mrs M x And darling Pinkerbell can we swap details via message on Facebook ? x Thanking you all again xx

Friday, 30 November 2012

After a lovely but busy week here at No 47 very much looking forward to the "Glass Slipper" Auction starting Midday 1st December x

Jayne [Jaynes Love Doves] and I would be delighted to send a this joint creation to its new home in time for Christmas x
If you would like to take part in this auction with the proceeds in full going to The Stroke Association please place a comment with your bid beneath this post x
Starting bid is £10.00 with increments of 50p with each bid x
Postage included x
Auction will last 7 days x
Thank you in anticipation of your time and kindness xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mrs Marmalade is most happy to be back x With exciting news too !
Along with the very talented Jayne from Jaynes Love Doves [on Facebook] x We have decided to make something together x
Jaynes wonderful craft has no limit x 
Her beautiful "Glass Slipper" now sits atop a Mrs Marmalade Pincushion and it is ready for a new adventure !
Would you like to be a part of its next adventure ? x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Am pleased to say have started posting out the "Lillibet" Thank you Goodie bags x If you have sent me your address I should have replied by now x There a few left waiting for addresses so when you have time please message me on facebook x I always check back there x Love from Mrs Marmalade x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

After much deliberation x My son, Harry, has chosen "Lillibets" new home x And because so many of you were lovely and left sweet, sweet comments I will keep my promise and there will be lots of little parcels leaving No 47 over the next week x If I dont already have your address x Please could you message me x Thank you very much once again x Love Mrs M x ....... And of course ...... "Lillibet" is off to live with ..... Making Mini Memories ! xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Big Thanks to Heartstitch x Louise x Alex and Dotty x for entering the Mrs M Pincushion Giveaway xx I am delighted x For all your trouble I shall not let you leave empty handed x Love Mrs M x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I am happy to announce the arrival of ..... "Lillibet" ! She belongs to a happy home x The like of which shall be chosen next Thursday x So please leave a sweet comment x Thank you all x Love Mrs M x
Happy saturday to you all xx Have been pondering x Because I keep finding this pretty little Lady [Third time !] it seems it was meant to be and very aprropriate to crown her x So, Jubilee year and all, I have chosen "Lillibet" It is most marvellous for you to be taking part in Mrs M's Pincushion Giveaway x Very much Thank you x "Lillibet" will be in the making today x So please check back for updates and photos xx Lots of Love x Mrs M x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

To celebrate the most marvellous moment of reaching 1000 likes on facebook Mrs Marmalade is very happy to host a giveaway here on my Blog x To enter the giveaway please comment beneath the "soon to be" pincushion picture x The big reveal of the completed pincushion and its new owner will take place here next thursday night x I have themed this pincushion around some of my very favourite Pages and the most lovely people I consider friends on Facebook x Thank you and Good Luck ! Mrs M x

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hello x Mrs M here x Have decided to try and "Blog" regulary x I do hope it makes for worthwile reading as my musings may well be more about family going ons than actual crafting xx !
Anyway x This weekend will be most marvellous x Come rain or shine family and friends will be in the garden celebrating the Jubilee x With all the Boys gathered round the BBQ and Girls in the house making pretty homemade Royal crowns x Fingers crossed for a fine day x Hope you have lots of fun with you and yours x Love Mrs M x