Thursday, 7 June 2012

To celebrate the most marvellous moment of reaching 1000 likes on facebook Mrs Marmalade is very happy to host a giveaway here on my Blog x To enter the giveaway please comment beneath the "soon to be" pincushion picture x The big reveal of the completed pincushion and its new owner will take place here next thursday night x I have themed this pincushion around some of my very favourite Pages and the most lovely people I consider friends on Facebook x Thank you and Good Luck ! Mrs M x


  1. I hope I am commenting in the right place! I would LOVE to win one of your fabberoo pincusions - they are so different and cute! You seem to have a never ending supply of awesome little cushion toppers, and none of them fail to make me say 'oooh maybe I need *that* one!*' I still haven't decided so a surprise win may fix my indecisiveness!

  2. Hope I'm in the right place too. You use some lovely fabrics for your pincushions Where do find your toppers from, they're so cute?

  3. Ohh how I would love to win one of your amazing pincushions! No longer will i be losing Pins all over my work place floor ; )and what an inspired item to have sitting next to me whilst i sew away x x

  4. well as you know i am a massive fan so would love another fantabulous pin cushion much love sarah xxx

  5. I thought I had commented b4 when I joined your blog but obviously did not do it right!
    Here I am trying again to let you know that I shall be following you blogwise as well as fbwise!
    I did have a bit of a panic because I don't yet know how to find my blogging page but I found your address on fb, phew!

    Happy blogging Mrs M
    Love from Nett @Sew 'n Thread xxx♥

    1. Me too Lynette.. I commented as well but it did not stick to the blog.. Does not matter anyways, as I have my own cushion ready to be posted to me.
      Have a great weekend!
      Isabel Kelly

  6. As the owner of one of your delightful pin cushions already, I think I would give sweet Lillibet to my wonderful friend Coral, who is currently crocheting a gorgeous rainbow granny square blanket for my seven year old daughter Erin out of the goodness of her heart. She originally crocheted a blanket for Erin when she was a baby which she still has and now uses to put her dolls to sleep and will always be a keepsake treasure :0) Janine F x

  7. Hi Mrs M. Love your fabulous pin cushions and would be delighted to welcome the very special "Lillibet" into our home.
    Always happy to see your gorgeous creations pop up on my page - brings a smile to my face.
    Best wishes, Jennifer T

  8. I see you have come up with a way to keep doing the giveaways!! well done! and Lillibet is gorgeous as all your little treasures! :)xxx